Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Back

I’m back. I arrived back ages ago actually. The trip was amazin’. Unlike last time, we got all our luggage back, and almost everything went according to plan..

We were in Greece, the parentals were at a museum while the little sister & I were walking around town. Then the sister began to feel sick. Really sick. I left my phone at the hotel so I couldn’t call anyone, & I didn’t have any painkillers on hand since that was illegal. So I spent the next hour carryin’ my sister around, trying to find some sort of hospital. It was so hard to read the names of buildings & shops, and not many people there spoke English. I felt so small in that unknown environment.
Eventually I found a little kid, probably 5 or 6 years old, and asked her where the hospital was. She looked at me like I was incredibly dumb and stupid.

And that’s it. I still had a bit of fun on that day even though I was left tired and parched. Greece is amazing, & I hope to go back there again soon. xx Peppercorn Swirls


~Abby~ said...

Wow. What a day. Lol.
I'd love to go though! =)

Mizz Ali said...

I really want to go there sometime :)