Sunday, July 12, 2009


Thursday marked the nite of the Heroes finale. But don’t grab that box of Kleenex yet – it’s just the final-ending-of volume 4. Ok, so I stayed up ‘till midnite to watch that ep, so I hope people’ll read this entry!
This is gonna sound all-over-the-place so bare with me.

Every time Hiro stops time, something drastic happens to him. I think the ep starts with him having a nose bleed, lol.
Claire’s dad drops her & Alice off, before being imprisoned by the government, or something like that.
Syler (if that’s how you spell his name) captures Nathan, then turns into Nathan (shapeshifts).
Claire comes over. Goes off with Nathan (who is really Syler in disguise).
That evil guy that used to work with Nathan gets thrown into an isolation cell with Claire’s father cuhz of something Syler did.
Hiro & his friend walk into the building. Hiro stops time. Hiro opens the cell door, then freed all the people with powers who were captured. They replaced them with all the guards and such. They start time again.
That evil guy tries to stab Claire’s father with a needle, but Hiro stops time, grabs the needle, starts time, stabs the evil guy. Hiro then collapses.
Claire’s father calls her, but Syler answers the phone as Claire, then turns into himself. They then realise that Claire is in danger.
Nathan and Peter go into Syler’s apartment to kill him.
Syler flies off with Nathan. He kills Nathan.
Then he gets stabbed with a needle by Peter who had shapeshifted into the US President.
Syler faints or something.
Only that guy who can read minds, Alice, and Claire’s father know that Nathan’s dead.
That guy who can read minds uses his power to force Syler to turn into Nathan and forget that he was ever Syler.
He wakes up as Nathan.
Some of the Heroes people gather to burn Nathan’s dead body, which looks like Syler.
The rest think Syler is really dead. But he isn’t. He just looks like Nathan and thinks he’s Nathan.
Preview of Volume 5:
Tracy or Nicky, or whoever she is now, comes back alive.
Nathan (Syler) remembers something about clocks. (He was formerly a clock maker before he turned evil.)
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Wow: I know I said I’d be posting fortnitely, but wow, it’s been, what — 3 weeks since my last post? I don’t post regularly cuhz I don’t have a clue as to what to write ‘bout.
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