Sunday, June 27, 2010

That’s how it’s supposed to be

Ya’ll probably know this already, but for those who don’t, I only blog twice a month & there’s a good reason for that: I suck at bloggin’. I can never find anything good or interesting to write ‘bout, plus I’m a very lazy person. Right now I’m layin’ on my bed with a laptop on my lap & a packet of potato chips. I’m surprised I’m not obese. Oh hey, I just discovered a block of year-old chocolate on the floor! Nom nom nom. Yeh, that’s the life man.
At the moment, I’m finding it difficult to blog even once a month. I’m so boring & lack in enthusiasm. I don’t consider this a chore, I just find it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. See, I’m borin’ you right now. I think I’ll leave. Good day. xx Peppercorn Swirls

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little bit of silliness

One day, the Pope is visiting America and driving around Washington in his limo when he gets an idea. "Driver? Can I drive for a while?"
"Sure," says the driver. How can you say no to the Pope?
So the Pope takes the wheel and starts driving like a maniac all around Washington -- dodging in and out of traffic, going eighty, cutting people off.
Soon, a cop pulls him over. But when the Pope rolls down the window, the cop stops dead in his tracks, and goes back to the car.
"We got somebody really important here," he says to his partner.
"Who is it? Is it a senator?"
"No. More important."
"The president?"
"No. More important."
"An ambassador? Who?"
"I don't know. But the Pope is his driver."

xx Peppercorn Swirls