Sunday, March 28, 2010

It’s not MY fault I don’t like her

Today I got a lecture on what a bad sister I was:

Teacher: “Yeah! I swim an hour a day. I’m really fit you know.”
Class: -ahem-
Jay: “I started swimming when I was eleven.”
Random Guy: “What?! I learnt to swim when I was like four.”
Me: “LOL, I could swim when I was five.”
Jay: “Well that’s different..”
Me: “How? Even my sister can swim! And she’s like……”
Class: “FAIL, AWW.”
Me: “Shut up, I’m trying to think how old she is, she’s in.. umm..”
Teacher: “Oh the forgotten sister of yours. Shameful Pepper.”
Me: “OMG OMG! I KNOW! She’s ten this year.”
xx Peppercorn Swirls

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Devil's Child

This story is somethin’ I'm experimenting with. One of my first tries of writing in this style. Do tell me whatcha think.

Old decaying oak trees lined the forest trail, their dangling braches stretched outwards like claws ready to rip apart anyone who dared venture near. A little girl silently walked by. Her ruffled hair got caught in the stray braches as she ducked and went deeper into the woods. If there was anyone around, they would most probably think she’s lost her mother. “Poor child,” they’d coo. But this is the woods. The woods that every mother warned their child never to venture near.
Somewhere, something moved. Its eyes gleamed in the darkness as it followed the girl’s scent. As if on cue, the woods were suddenly enveloped in an eerie silence. There wasn’t a rustle in the trees, and it was as if the birds had suddenly abandoned this forsaken land. The woods, if it were possible, looked even more menacing than before.
The little girl stopped. She tilted her head as if she’s picking up a scent that puzzles her, and her lips curled into a grin.
A low growl greeted her as a dark winged creature emerged into view. Its wings were coated with large black feather, its body like a panther. It snarled and bared its fangs as the girl beamed and ran towards it like a child would to a pet dog.
“I’m hungry, beast. Did you bring food?”
Beast began coughing and choking, looking like how birds would when feeding their offspring through regurgitation. A noticeable bump began moving slowly up Beast’s throat. The little girl licked her lips in anticipation.
Thump! What seems like a mutilated child’s hand dropped from Beast’s mouth as it offered it to the girl. The hand was coated in saliva and there were bruises all over it. Somewhere a mother must be crying over her lost child, she thought. She picked up her food and devoured it hungrily, occasionally flashing her sharp fangs.
Once she was done, blood was dripping from her chin and she frowned at Beast.
“I’m still hungry, Beast.”
This time Beast just sat there and growled.
She pouted childishly and kicked Beast in its snout. Although Beast was almost three times her size, it didn’t attack and instead, snarled.
“I will hunt tonight.”
The little girl wiped her chin on the back of her hand absentmindedly and made her way towards the village as she hummed a little lullaby.

xx Peppercorn Swirls.