Friday, September 18, 2009

Gary Unmarried took over Amazing Race’s time, pushing TV Burp to 9.30. GRRR...!

No, I didn’t fall off an elefant. But I wish I did. I don’t know who started those rumours at school; it’s def not true. I did ride an elefant on my holiday in Africa last month+week though, & emailed a pic to my pal Ann of it. Maybe, no... Ann’s not like that. I think. However, I did shatter my bones. In Tasmania. Last Month. It’s still bandaged.
I’ve got six CDs to import. *Yay* Finally, songs on my “iPod”. I’m too lazy to download songs :P
Okay so anyways, today I went to MT school. Yeh, next week’s oral so we did basically oral the whole day. During the period BB lost her voice, so she couldn’t talk – literally she was talkin’ sooo softly. Like mime. Until after class break when she finally got her voice back, haha.
Changed from Extension Science1 to some photography course & took photos with my digital when sir wasn’t lookin’. Got to upload them soon, but again, too lazy.
I’m also too lazy to change my blog skin, which is annoying me at the moment, but I guess I shouldn’t waste time on it ‘cause I take 4ever to choose a decent template.
And I’m debating over whether or not to change my URL, or maybe creatin’ a new blog entirely where I try to post often but fail miserably ‘cause I’m too lazy, have friends over 12/4, are addicted to Myspace/Facebook/Twitter/OceanUp/Neopets, and always usually have nothin’ better to talk ‘bout save for H&A, T-Swift, school, The Tings, and playing my bass which I’m still learnin’ how to play. Oh well.
peace out. xx Peppercorn Swirls

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Are Humans So Annoying?!

Just a quick hello...

Sorry about the irregular posting.
But Happy birthday Blogger! 10. That's old! lol. Double digits... xx Peppercorn Swirls